We have had a hectic couple of days here at Tyler Hill! Yesterday was our olympics breakout and today we have been super busy with sweepstakes, making camp sparkle for all of you!

Yesterday we all had the best and most spirited day. The teams; Finding Nemo (Orange), Shrek (Green), Despicable Me (Yellow) and The Incredibles (Red) were awesome. We all took part in activities such as tennis, softball, limbo and much much more! The overall winner was the orange team who played well and had incredible spirit throughout the day, however all of the teams were exceptional and made the day a lot of fun! A big thank you to the CIT’s who kept the up the spirit as the day went on, you were all awesome!

Tonight we have had our Friendship STARFISH awards. The winners were; Ethan Kaplan, Sophie Yormark, Justin Feidstein, Sophia Kreppel, Jaden Glieber, Taryn Silver, Jack Schwartz, Emily Salmirs,  Hayden Rejwan, Abi Termer, Jake Kenny, Emily Friedman, Blake Bergman, Maya Zakarin, Corey Littman, Carly Kreppel, Matthew Weksler, Tori Lopis and Dani Robbins! Well done everyone!

Everyone has been in preparation for tomorrow, it is fair to say that we are all so excited to see you all! Can’t wait!

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