How many kids are at Tyler Hill Camp?
Just about 500 campers.
Where do campers come from?
Tyler Hill campers come from all over New Jersey from way north to way south; from New York City, Westchester, Long Island and Rockland County; from south Florida; from California, Texas, Connecticut and Spain.
What is the policy on bunk gifts and packages?
NO BUNK GIFTS and NO packages. PERIOD.
How many phone calls do campers make throughout the summer?
Each camper makes four phone calls each summer: the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th weeks of camp.
Is there a Big Brother/Big Sister program?
Of course! It’s one of the highlights of campers’ summers!
Are there Tyler Hill get-togethers over the winter months?
 YES! We have three camper gatherings in New York/New Jersey, one up at camp for all new families and another down in south Florida.
What is the policy on tipping counselors?
We are a NO TIPPING camp. Tyler Hill has its own internal bonus program, where each counselor can earn an additional $600 in cash over the course of the summer. We have found over the years that this is the most effective way to reward our staff for being exceptional.
How do bed/bunk placements get determined? Can my child choose where s/he sleeps?
All bed and bunk placements are determined prior to Opening Day, and we meticulously plan for the placement of each camper. Campers may request other campers to be in their bunks, and we put it all together to make well-balanced bunks.
What is your electronics policy?
 ONLY I-pod Shuffle/Nano – no games, no videos, no screens.
What happens when my child gets older? Are there trips? Different programs?
 Our daily schedule gets adjusted as campers get older, so that we keep camp exciting for our older campers. Our return rate as kids gets older remains extremely high! This summer we have more than 100 campers going into 10th and 11th grades!

The overnight trips offered for our campers are:
7th graders – 2-day trip to Hershey and Dorney Parks
8th graders – 3-day trip to Boston
9th graders – 3 day trip to Montreal
10th and 11th graders – 5-day trip to Toronto OR Washington DC/Maryland/VA OR 5-day trip to Orlando, FL and a 2-day trip to visit college campuses and white water rafting

We also plan fun and unique programming for our older campers, including community service projects, interest-based clubs, more intense sports tournaments and opportunities for leadership development. Our CIT program for campers going into 11th grade includes working with younger campers two days a week and also spending time working in a specialty area. 

If my child loves sports, how much can s/he play?
 Instructional sports and internal sports leagues are built into campers’ schedules twice each day. Campers go to each athletic activity with all of the boys or girls their age (their division) and our professional adult coaches run fun and organized drills to help campers learn and improve upon their skills in each sport. They also play on internal league teams in flag football, basketball, soccer, baseball/softball.

Additionally, Tyler Hill campers participate in the Wayne County Camp Athletic League, and we host other camps and travel to other camps for just about every sport imaginable. We also do this for swimming, gymnastics and dance. Campers that want more competitive sports join those Wayne County teams and enjoy the opportunity to play at a higher intensity. We also host and travel for inter-camps with other camps throughout the summer.

Tyler Hill campers also participate in dozens of sports tournaments and full-day sporting events that we both host and attend throughout Wayne County and at other camps in our area. Tournaments are for all ages (even starting at the youngest ages) and are in all sports and activities.

Flag football is one of our fastest growing sports in camp, and we teach it at the younger ages and have amazing “Sunday Night Football” internal leagues. Our girls love to play it, too! 

When should I let you know if I’m interested in a spot for next summer?
The sooner the better, as we tend to fill up by August 1st. We know this is a very big decision and not exactly an easy one, so please always feel free to call us with questions!!