Staying Connected


Your children are anxiously awaiting your letters! But NOT your packages (not allowed)! To speed the process, please address the envelopes as follows:

Camper’s Name
Division Name
Tyler Hill Camp
1017 Cochecton Turnpike
Tyler Hill, PA 18469

You may email your child at camp via your CampInTouch Account. We print out emails daily and distribute them with the regular mail. Emails received before 9:00 am will be distributed with the same day’s mail. Through your CampInTouch Account, you can allow additional family members and friends to also email your campers! Click on “Guest Accounts” to set this up.

Please note that campers are not allowed to send email. And remember…your campers love receiving “regular mail” too!

Summer Photos
One of the things we have learned over the years is how much parents love to see pictures of their campers throughout the summer.   Campanion is our partner each summer in uploading photos and letting you know when they’ve been posted!  All current families will receive detailed instructions on how to set this up!

Additionally, you’ll join your child’s divisional instagram account to get updates all summer long!!

Who will be taking the photos?
Our staff is assigned to specific divisions. Throughout the week, they will capture as many candid shots of that division’s campers. Once they take the picture and tag your child, it will be uploaded and sent directly to your smartphone, tablet and computer. No more searching through hundreds of photos; you can now follow your child’s camp experience with ease!

Can I keep and share the photos?
YES! These pictures and videos are stored on your account forever. Not only that, you can easily save them to your devices, share them on social media, and text or email them to your friends and family. There are no additional fees and no watermarks!

Will photos still be posted to CampInTouch?
Definitely! Photos will continue to be uploaded to our Website via CampInTouch. However, with Camp Connect providing direct access to photos of your camper, the photos uploaded to CampInTouch will be geared towards capturing the general fun and spirit of the summer.

Phone Calls
All campers will make four phone calls to their parents. Each camper may make only ONE call on their assigned night (unless parents do not live together). Please make sure that both parents can be reached together at the time of your child’s call.

Campers who have birthdays during the summer may also call home on that day; however, we cannot allow for extra calls for a parent, grandparent, cousin, puppy, goldfish or sibling birthday.

Phone calls will be scheduled by DIVISION in order to make life easier for everyone and so that campers don’t get pulled from any favorite activities. Calls will generally be made between 6:15 and 8:30 PM. You will be notified prior to the summer of your camper’s pre-scheduled calling dates. Sunday morning calls for our teens will begin immediately after breakfast, starting at 9:00 AM. Our CIT’s have access to our office phones anytime after the first week of camp.

If the day of the week we’ve assigned is not a convenient time for you, you can call the office to make adjustments. All phone all changes will be coordinated by our office staff and your child’s division leader.

We cannot accommodate a specific time for your child to call unless you are on vacation, in which case we will arrange for you to call in to our office at a specific time. If you are going to be away, please don’t forget to provide us with your trip itinerary.

Package Policy
In the interest of focusing on activities and building friendships, packages are not permitted.

Books, magazines and stationary are okay to send as long as they are sent in a flat envelope (8×11 or 11×14). We reserve the right to check all incoming packages. Any envelopes containing items that are not permitted in camp will be discarded.

As always, we will accept packages with ESSENTIALS for your child. Essentials are limited to: essential clothing, toiletries and/or sports or activity equipment. Please speak with Wendy prior to sending the item. WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL THESE ESSENTIALS WILL NOT BE DELIVERED TO CAMPUS. 

We know that Birthdays are VERY important to you and your child — and they’re equally important to us! We want to make it as HUGE as possible for your birthday camperl!!

Campers with camp birthdays get the following special treatment…

  • The entire camp will sing to them at morning flagpole line-up and they’ll get to raise the flag!
  • They get to have an in bunk movie party at bed time with their bunk!
  • They will get a personalized cake to share with their friends!
  • They get a rest-hour ice cream party with their entire bunk (and siblings, of course)!!
  • They will have a special phone call with you.
  • They are allowed to receive a Birthday Package (please no food, candy or bunk gifts). Please write “Birthday Package” on it (and your child’s birth date) and we will hold it in the office until we deliver it on your camper’s birthday!