4th of July Antics

We hope you all had a happy 4th of July yesterday!! We had an incredible day here at Tyler Hill!

We arranged for our campers to try out some super fun activities, such as; flag making, snack making, patriotic arts and crafts, karaoke, U.S.A shirt making and patriotic nail art and hair design!

We also had our first STARFISH ceremony last night! Congratulations to these campers who won Sportsmanship: Jordan Ofsink, Jared Shulman, Nikki Stark, Spencer Rubin, Samantha Mercer, Dylan Wolk, Charlie Cooper, Jake Reiss, Lexi Neckritz, Ian Gerber, Gabby Borzeeyer, Dylan Castor, Alexa Cooper, Zach Marks, Dani Jacoby, Mason Fliegel, and Roxy Ackerman.

Another congratulations to our campers that won the Tolerance awards: Adam Mayer- Schiaffo, Peyton Cooperstein, Jake Kafri, Peyton Fishman, Jason Bruck, Laken Pomerantz, Matt Nichols, Ashley Tobias, Harry Sanders, Gabby Percheckly, Andrew Feinstein, Hailey Stark, Zach Silver, Drew Vapnek, Marc Mittleman, and Collette Greenbaum.

Along with the celebrations, our superstar girls going into grade 4 won their soccer match, and also our girls going into grades 10/11 won their tennis match! We are so proud of all of you, well done.

All of this goes to show that we at Tyler Hill have the best campers in the world! Our Freshmen performed their annual 4th of July show which, of course, was awesome. Two of our Freshmen played the roles of Andy and Wendy who were searching for new councillors before the summer started. They performed songs and dances for the rest of the camp along with the comedy of the play.

To end the day we all enjoyed the spectacular firework display by Wayne Hall! Our campers were given glow sticks and lights, it felt magical. We’re so excited to see what else this summer has to offer

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