Koss Kids Take Tyler Hill!

Hi my name is Shayna but everyone calls me “Shay.” I’m from Muttontown, NY, and I go to Tyler Hill Camp with my younger brother Tyler. I’m in the 7th grade and I play on my school’s soccer team. I enjoy snowboarding, playing tennis and doing gymnastics. I also love going to Florida, and just learned how to paddle board! My family and I are huge Ranger fans! We’re season ticket holders and are hoping they win a game, which leads me to my favorite quote “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky (It’s so true!)

I’ve been going to Tyler Hill for 4 summers and I am so excited to go back for my 5th!  When my family and I were researching summer camps we looked at Tyler Hill and I absolutely loved every single thing about it!  It looked like it would be soooooo much fun and I knew right away that this was the camp for me!

My favorite things about camp are STARFISH, Brother/Sister time, Girls Sing, Color War, Wendy playing the guitar, the counselors, and of course hanging out with all of my best friends!  One moment that I really loved was when my friend Sammi and I and my counselor would run across the golf course during rest hour every day. I also felt so honored to win STARFISH for Sportsmanship my 2nd year and Appreciation my 4th year.

Camp has made me responsible in so many ways. It has also made me realize how lucky I am to wake up every morning during the summer to such amazing faces and a beautiful camp. Everyone that works at Tyler Hill truly makes me feel like we are all one giant family and it’s a feeling I will never experience anywhere else!

Hi my name is Tyler Koss I’m 9 years old. This summer will already be my 4th summer at Tyler Hill! I go to camp with my sister Shay, and I’m in the 4th grade.  At school this year, I joined the rocket club and I just launched my very first rocket! I was also voted for Student Council for my grade too! I like to play hockey, soccer snowboard, mountain bike, and football. I also really love the Rangers!  (Even though they are having a very tough season…)

When I became a camper at THC I was only 7 ½ years old and had just finished 1st grade. I planned on going to day camp that summer but when I went to see my sister on visiting day, I knew that I had to go Tyler Hill! It was the best experience and I even won the Sportsmanship Award that summer for the Freshman Boys!

Tyler Hill is such a special place for me for so many reasons – like dressing up my counselors as girls for one of our many dress-up contests, the pudding wrestling event, the trips, the bagel toss…etc.  But most special of all has been meeting new friends and being able to spend the summers with them and looking forward to seeing them each and every year!

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