Favorite THC Moment: Camper of the Year Award!

Hi! My name is Leo and I live in Tenafly, New Jersey.  I live with my mom Danielle, my dad Troy, and my sister Olivia (Liv).  I have 2 Maltese dogs named Mia and Monte (they are sister and brother),  a white canary named Phoebe, and 4 fish.

My interests are mostly sports related.  I love basketball, baseball, tennis, and football.  I play travel basketball and baseball throughout the year.  I love going to the movies with my family and friends.  I also love to travel!  Some of my favorite places to go are Israel, Colorado, Costa Rica, and St. Barths.  I’m hoping to go to Africa soon too! I have wanted to go on safari since I was 4 years old! 

When I’m not at camp I go to school – I’m in the 5th grade.  One of my favorite things to do is go to see Yankees, Knicks, Giants, and Rangers games with my dad and some friends.

I love the quote “Be confident but be humble” – I try to live by that.  Especially when it comes to playing sports.

I ended up at Tyler Hill because of my family friends.  But also, because I’m diabetic and Wendy & Andy said they could help me take care of my diabetes while I was away from home.  That was a BIG deal for us because not all camps were comfortable with that, but Wendy and Andy didn’t shy away.

This will be my 3rd year at camp and I honestly can’t wait!  What I love most about camp is hanging out with all of my camp friends.  So far, I have two favorite moments from camp: My first favorite moment at camp was when I won camper of the year.  I was so happy! My second favorite moment was when we won the Wayne County Championships for basketball.  Because we won, we got to jump in the lake with all of our clothes on!  It was GREAT!  I learned how to fish this past summer too which was really cool.

Camp has not only helped me to be more independent, but to also get better at sports, and to be a better sport!

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