Color War 2013 – Day 4 Update!

It was an exciting Day 4 of Color War yesterday as everyone competed in a number of famous Color War Activities! In the afternoon, Blue and White headed to Boys’ Side to compete in the Bucket Pass and Over Under. Both White upper and lower camp dominated in the Bucket Pass, and Blue upper and lower camp took the win for Over Under.

That night, everyone went to the basketball courts of Boys’ Super A and the Frozen T-Shirt! White came out strong, starting the game with a huge 10 point lead. The boys kept up this momentum throughout the first half, going into halftime with a lead of 6 points.

Then, everyone ran to the bordering basketball courts for the intense Frozen T-Shirt contest! Frozen T-Shirt is a competition between team generals, where they are given a T-Shirt frozen in a block of ice, and must break it open. Right when the whistle was sounded ice shattered across the floor, as White generals Rebecca F. and Alex C., and Blue generals Chynna S. and Ross W. used every ounce of strength in their body to break out the T-Shirts.

Off the bat, it was Blue that took the lead when Chynna slipped on her T-Shirt, and became the first general to complete the strenuous task. Not long after, however, Rebecca followed, also wearing her once frozen THC T-Shirt. It then came down to the two male generals, who were neck in neck as they struggled to slip the T-Shirts over their head. The intensity between both crowds was unreal, when Alex finally was able to stick his arms through the frozen sleeves, and take the win for White! The crowd roared and everyone stormed the court in congratulations for their generals.

After Frozen T-Shirt, everyone kept the spirit up and headed back to the basketball court to cheer on their Super A teams in the second half of the game. While White dominated the first half, Blue took to the court with vengeance, tying up the game. As the second half progressed, the lead flipped-flopped between both teams until they were tied 54 to 54 with less than a minute on the clock. The stands were shaking as both teams cheered for their teams. With 30 seconds left in the game, CIT Justin C. from Blue took to the foul line to take two shots that would put white in the lead. The air was still as Justin leaned back and shot the ball into the basket. The crowd went wild as the last 30 seconds ran, and Blue took the Super A win! It was an intense night of Color War competition here at THC, and everyone had a blast cheering on both of their Super A teams, and generals!

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