The Amazing Power of the Mind…

One of our favorite times of the summer is when our good old friend Brad Henderson stops by.  Why? Because although he runs workshops for our campers and teaches them all types of magic tricks through his sleight of hand and card illusions, our favorite time with him is during his evening show when he hypnotizes some of our volunteer counselors!

Our campers, summer after summer, are always filled with high levels of anticipation and questions of, “Who’s going to be hypnotized?”, “What is going to happen?”, “Is Hypnosis real?”. Each summer show with Brad is also different because all of our participants are different and, best of all, sooooooooo unpredictable!

Our campers are first introduced to hypnosis and what it is. They become absolutely amazed at the power of one’s imaginations as everyone tries a few suggestibility tests from where they are seated. Shortly after, the stage is opened for our counselor volunteers. Next, the fun begins as our volunteers are transformed into race car drivers, celebrities, musicians, and oh my – much much more! 🙂

What we witness together is the amazing power of the mind. The content is always good clean fun and is always a highlight of our summer here at Tyler Hill. As you can hear and see in the below video, we were practically rolling on the ground with laughter and at the end; a thunderous applause. Everyone enjoyed an outstanding show full of fun and excitement that left our campers wanting more!


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