Terrific Idea for Your Extra Towels!

Calling all Long Island Bus Stop campers & families! We wanted to share with you a TERRIFIC idea about TOWELS that one of our campers had, and what you can do to help!

From Dani Weisenfeld:
Just like most of you, after I found out that we didn’t have to bring towels to camp because Tyler Hill supplies us with all the towels we could ever need, I was left with way too many towels at home that my family and I could ever use! I started to think about what I could do with all the extra towels that we had at home. Suddenly it dawned on me that just because we couldn’t use them, didn’t mean that someone else couldn’t! Why not donate them? And what better time to donate them than at the beginning of the summer when towels will be in great demand!

So, while you are going through your piles of clothing setting aside and creating stacks of what you are bringing to camp, create a pile of towels to bring with you to the Long Island bus stop on June 22nd.  There, I will set up a big box where you can all drop off any extra towels that you wish to donate. The charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, will take our towel donations and distribute them to children in need. However, please note that the towels should in fact be in good condition, (no rips or stains). Hopefully, as we are having the best summer ever at camp, we will know deep in our hearts that we have helped make someone else’s summer better too!

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