Mike & Deanna’s REAL Wedding!

Who could forget last summer’s fake-out of Mike and Deanna’s wedding? Cruel? Not fair? When was it going to REALLY happen? Well, fret not because we are happy to announce that two of our most treasured Tyler Hill’ers were officially wed this past weekend!

Although Mike and Deanna would have loved to have had each one of you there with them on their special day, they knew it would be impossible to do.  However, a few THCers were there to represent all of you and to send Mike and Deanna all of our well wishes for a long and happy life together!

The above picture was taken right after they finished singing “Tyler Hill Is People.”  But I’m sure by next month when camp starts, they will have many more of their wedding photos on-hand to share with you. For now however, here are just a few:

To the left is Deanna with her THC sisters.  Some former and some current:

From left to right – Tammy Weisenthal, Melissa Gerber, (Deanna!), Amy Davidowitz, Charlotte Coffin, Alyssa Flaum, Nicole Kennedy, Bhreagh MacDonald, and Laura MacDonald


To the right is a picture of their wedding party also with some people you may recognize!

From top left to right – Josh Barth, Nicole Kennedy, Elan Saad, Deanna, Mike, Charlotte Coffin, Robbie Gothelf, Stacy Davidowitz, Brian Nacht, Laura MacDonald, Aaron Davidowitz, Amy Davidowitz.

And Mike and Deanna’s first dance! (Go on – it’s okay to get all teary-eyed right now.  It is definitely a collective awwwwwww moment!)

So when you see them at camp next month, you can now officially congratulate them on REALLY getting married!!! 🙂

Once again, a hearty congratulations from everyone here at Tyler Hill to Mike and Deanna!

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