Remember When ~ 2012 Final Day of Color War!

Remember the final day of Color War last summer?  No?!  Take a trip down memory lane with us…

The first half of the day was spent on Apache – a series of strange, fun, and competitive relays. The afternoon was filled with Sing practice, and the evening concluded with the final Color War Sing performances from both teams, including dances and hilarious skits! It was clear that all the practice paid off — both  teams performed their original marches and alma maters beautifully!

At the end of the show, all four generals delivered some tear-jerking speeches, reminiscing on their Color War experience and acknowledging the members of our Tyler Hill family who have forever changed their lives. It was so powerful and moving that everyone was already in tears even before Andy announced the Summer of 2012 Color War winner: the White Apps!

What a fantastic time everyone had in making last summer’s Color War so amazing!  Grab a box of tissues and watch for yourself!!

Share your Color War memories in the comments below!

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