From Camp to College – State Bags

Michael Davidowitz, Assistant Director of THC, has recently joined the Board of Camp POWER.  Camp POWER is a weeklong experience held at Tyler Hill Camp at the end of the summer when our regular camp program is over, for children growing up in under-funded neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Camp POWER is run by Scot and Jaqueline Tatelman and their mission is simple – to support and engage the incredible kids of Camp POWER – from camp to college!  We know how important it is for children to be given the chance to just be children, and what better way to have that experience than to be running around right here on our camp!  Camp POWER brings with them over 150 amazing children who have the BEST week ever right here at Tyler Hill!

Scot and Jacqueline soon realized that after they kept seeing these children from tough neighborhoods arrive at Tyler Hill for their week at Camp POWER, with all their belongings stuffed in garbage bags, that they needed to do something else to help these children. So they came up with an idea and have recently launched their State Bags Project, which are backpacks they created to give these children a nice bag to carry their belongings in rather than in garbage bags. For every bag that is purchased, a very deserving child receives a bag of their very own!

Scot and Jacqueline and their State Bags Project was recently recognized in Vogue’s Fashion section and everyone here at Tyler Hill is very proud to help support them too – From Camp to College, every child deserves the chance to just be a child.  We wish Scot and Jacqueline continued success in this new endeavor!

(Photos: Courtesy of State Bags)

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