Live From NYC, It’s THC!

You can use email, texts, Facebook or other forms of Social Media to keep in touch with your camp friends once camp is over.  However, there’s nothing better than the “real thing” – LIVE and in-person!  That’s why we love hosting our camp reunions throughout the year so we can reconnect with our camp families and catch-up with what everyone has been up to since the summer.

This past weekend, we had our New York City Reunion, which was held at PS450. Many of our 2012 Supers & Teens were in attendance, and they all expressed so much excitement and are looking forward to Summer 2013.  We had a ton of food – everything from assorted flat breads, sandwiches and finger foods galore!

Andy, Wendy, Michael, Deanna, Rebecca Kranz, Amy Davidowitz, Lonnie Sarnell, Katie Blank, Bill & Carol Lalin, and Bette and Lenny Weisenthal were all there too.

Next stop: Florida!!!  That’s right – in about 3 weeks we’ll be heading down to Florida to visit with our Florida campers (and any of our other campers who happen to be vacationing in Florida at that time!) on February 23rd!  See you there!!!


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