Catching-up with Calvin!

Hello everyone, my name is Calvin Simmons. I am 26 years old from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have two brothers, Richardo and Tyler and one sister, Saedene.  When I am not at camp, I work as a pharmacy technician and attend Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS.  When I’m not at school or at work, I can typically be found on a volleyball court – I have been playing since I was 13 and it’s my favorite sport!

How did I end up at Tyler Hill all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia? Some might think by pure luck, but looking back, I think it was destiny!  I wanted to fulfill two personal goals: The first was to work at a sleep-away camp, and the second was to visit the States, specifically, New York.  So in 2008 I researched for a sleep-away camp in/near New York and Tyler Hill was one of the top results that I kept coming across. After looking at the website, I decided to apply for a summer position.  I was hired that summer as a lifeguard, and was placed in the Freshmen Division.

I decided to return to Tyler Hill in 2009. I was offered a position as a Group Leader in the Freshmen Division. That summer, I was privileged enough to earn the rank of Colonel for Color War (White Monsters vs. Blue Aliens). I worked as a Group Leader for the Freshmen Division until 2010, where I also earned the rank of General for Color War. That was an amazing experience! (Even though my team did not win… 🙁 ) In 2011, I worked alongside Michael Davidowitz as an Assistant Division Leader. This past summer, I was the Sophomore Boys Division Leader and I will be returning for Summer 2013 as the Division Leader for both the Sophomore and Junior boys.

Tyler Hill has changed me in ways I could have never predicted.  What originally started out as an interest to see another part of the world has turned into something so much more…  Tyler Hill has given me a deeper appreciation for patience; not just with children, but with my own peers as well.  The personal growth that I have experienced over the years at Tyler Hill has made me into a better person, a better friend, a better colleague and a better member of what all Tyler Hillers consider a FAMILY…

One of my favorite moments at camp that I continue to look forward to year after year is Opening Day. When the busses arrive, and our campers get off the busses – to see their faces light up with huge smiles from ear to ear when they see their camp friends and family – it’s the expression of pure and utter joy and excitement!  Only 155 days until I see those lit-up faces again!!!

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