Hip-Hop Boot Camp Comes to THC!

Dance has become one of the most popular activities at THC and this summer we were very excited to have a Hip-hop Boot Camp led by Hip-hop Master Lancelot!

Lancelot is a professional dancer, choreographer, producer and actor who teaches at Danny Holdstein Dance & Fitness. A former professional football player, Lancelot studied dance at Steps on Broadway, the Broadway Dance Center and Alvin Ailey. He has performed on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera, as well as in movies and television and has choreographed for the Knicks’ City Dancers.

Lancelot and his staff of dancers taught us the latest hip-hop techniques and skills such as the arm wave, the body wave, Indian step, head isolation, shuffle and wacky hands. Some of the songs we danced to were Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music” and LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” The instructors he brought with him, Alexa and Daniel, who were such a big help for those of us who have two left feet!

Our favorite part was when we walked like a model doing “wacky hands.” We loved dancing with Lancelot: Hip-hop Boot Camp was AWESOME!


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