Beads4Battle – Sunny

THC’s camper, Sunny, has been going to Tyler Hill since she was 8 years old.  She started out as a freshman and was a Junior Counselor last summer.  This summer, Sunny (center) will be returning to camp as a general counselor for the Super Girls.

Sunny tells us that “Arts and Crafts was always my favorite elective at camp. My camp friends and I used to leave camp with bracelets up to our elbows!!!”

Sunny’s  passion for beading bracelets led her to put this creative talent into something that she holds very near & dear to her heart.  Sunny’s paternal grandmother passed away from Ovarian Cancer when she was in kindergarten, and her maternal grandmother was recently diagnosed with this same disease this past December.  With the support of friends and family, Sunny has turned this negative situation into something positive – making and selling hand-made beaded bracelets (Beads4Battle) to raise money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer.  Sunny explains “Beading is not only therapeutic, but I love creating new designs and knowing that I am doing something to make a difference.”  Sunny’s most poplar bracelets also have a unique theme: Skulls! 

But this is not something that she has taken on solo – Sunny has enlisted the help of her sister, Amanda (pictured above on the left), and her cousin, Dani (pictured above on the right), both of whom are also Tyler Hill campers, and who find solace in their combined effort to help make and sell these bracelets on behalf of their grandmother.

Tyler Hill salutes Sunny, Amanda and Dani for turning a negative situation into something positive!

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