Covers Cause We Care – Campers Donate Camp Bedding

This summer Tyler Hill will be joining their sister camps Timber Lake West and Timber Lake Camp in a blanket drive collecting gently used bedding from campers.

Carly (on the right) a Timber Lake West camper, and her friend from home Rachel (on the left) started a charity called “Covers Cause We Care.” The idea started when they noticed that many of their camp friends would bring their own personal bedding to camp and after a few summers, many would replace their bedding once camp was over.  They learned that there are many children in their home communities on Long Island who do not have a blanket to keep them warm at night, and so they started collecting the gently used camp bedding at the end of the summer and gave it to people who desperately needed it – and so, Covers Cause We Care was born!

Carly & Rachel said “We are two girls who want to help other kids and their families stay warm in the winter months. We are so lucky to have blankets on our beds, but we know that this is not the case for everyone. In the last two years we have collected and donated over 700 blankets to the amazing people at the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN). They are the largest private social service agency on Long Island. They run 19 soup kitchens, emergency shelters and a long term housing program to help people in need all over Long Island. They are so grateful for these blankets and we are so happy to have found a way to help others in the community.”

Tyler Hill is proud to support such a worthy program and is looking forward to participating in it this summer.  This is just another example of how creative and sensitive campers can be and how this exemplifies what we practice here at Tyler Hill with our STARFISH values program.  If you have any blankets that you’d like to donate, you can email Covers Cause We Care at  Kudos to Carly and Rachel!

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