Music for a Cause!

Steve Mazza has been a member of the Timber Lake Family of Camps for quite a few years and has raised over $20,500 for children’s charities with his music!  Steve first started out as a Senior Counselor and then became a Division Leader at our very own Hampton Country Day Camp.  And if there’s anything to know about Steve (aside for his love of Subway sandwiches!), it’s that he LOVES children & music!  So why not combine the two and see what happens, right?

Steve recently shared with us “When I was planning the release of my second album, Dance Like You Need It, I wanted to find a nonprofit that meant something to me.  Proceeds from my first album went to an Orphanage in South Africa.  I asked Jay Jacobs, Executive Director for The TLC Family of Camps, if he could recommend a children’s charity to me.  Jay recommended a few different ones, but the one that I was drawn to was SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Provide an Edge) because summer camp is such a HUGE part of my own life.  It’s hard to put into words how important the summer camp experience is to disadvantaged, inner-city children.  In my work, I’ve seen the positive impact that summer camp has on children countless times.  While camp is an important and positive experience for any child, it’s even more essential to those kids who would otherwise spend their summers in city streets.  I also liked that I had a personal connection with SCOPE because Jay was one of the founders of this amazing organization.  As a result, this enabled me to work closely with everyone in order to promote the album and raise funds for such a worthy cause that I felt closely connected to.”

Since the release of Steve’s 2nd album, he has raised $8,500 for SCOPE – Just $1,500 shy of his $10,000 goal!  Steve really wants to pass that $10,000 mark for SCOPE and hopes that donations will continue to grow.

Check out Steve’s site HERE and his “Dance Like You Need It” launch video below!

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