Tyler Hill is full of Olympic spirit!

Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Scrambled Eggs… and Olympics??? That’s right – just as all of camp was taking their last bites of cereal and sips of hot chocolate at breakfast, a band of counselors on the drums, keyboard, and microphone rolled up to the dining hall doors on the hayrider and started JAMMIN’ to some Beatles and Rolling Stones songs! (Let’s just say that if there were any campers that weren’t really awake, they certainly were at that moment!)

And then the “Ah-ha” moment hit them – Their eyes popped open and immediately everyone knew it was the beginning of the THC Olympics! Campers got so excited that they jumped up from the breakfast tables and ran outside to sing and dance with the band of counselors. Andy made the official announcement and everyone rushed back to their bunks to find out what team they were on: Orange = The Who; Green = The Beatles; Yellow = Led Zeppelin; Red = Rolling Stones

Colored clothing flew across the bunks and as soon as campers jumped into their respective colored team clothing, they met for a spirit meeting and then branched off to start the day of Olympics! Teams competed in gaga, softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, trivia, kickball….you name it and it was on the Olympic schedule which continued throughout the entire day.

The final games and Olympic Closing Ceremonies were held after dinner. The four teams rallied in the corners of the basketball courts to face off with the finale games of musical chairs and limbo in front of the whole camp. The crowds went wild!!!   Orange -” The Who” triumphed the last game of limbo which placed them as this years’ 2010 THC Olympic winners!!!

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