Introducing our Friendship Coach

Hi everyone, my name is Michael Davidowitz and I am the Friendship Coach for the Freshmen Boys this summer.  “Friendship Coach”…. Hummmm….   What is a Friendship Coach you ask?  Sounds silly, right?  Well, at first I thought so too until I found out how truly important this role is and how seriously I take it. As a Friendship Coach, my role is to provide that extra-special care to each camper by paying close attention to the relationships and interactions they have with not only other campers, but to the staff here at THC too.  By keeping a close eye on these various relationships, I am making sure that all special needs are being met, while serving as a compassionate and empathetic adult figure. In addition, I act as the direct link between parents, their children, and the camp.   So if there is an issue, concern or even just a heads-up you need me to know , I’m your go-to guy!   You can tell me anything (Really – Anything!)

And don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you in the loop too through regular group and individualized reports to home via phone and e-mails, and there will also be a constant flow of information for you on the camp website about what is going on here in camp.

And just so you know, I spent many wonderful, memorable summers here at Tyler Hill Camp and made many life-long friends.  I want to give that same experience to my campers too.   I will do everything (yes ~ EVERYTHING!) that I can possibly do to make sure that every camper here builds their self- esteem and self-confidence, while having fun and making life-long friendships too.  Hopefully I’ll be seeing you this summer!

~ Mike


  • So proud of Michael, he was my camper and has become a such an important part of Tyler Hill! His excitement and knowledge is on overshadowed by his commitment to the campers of Tyler Hill. Look forward to working with him

  • I remember Michael as one of the kids in my bunk when I was a counsellor back in 1996. He was a great kid then, and obviously has grown up the same way. Well done on the appointment Mike.

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