Come climb, glide, fly and test yourself at Outdoor Adventure! From our low ropes to high ropes course to our zip-line and monster swing, times out here are the best!


Just as the sun begins to drop on Silver Lake every Friday evening, our full camp gathers here for our STARFISH service. Campers and counselors alike look forward to this special time each week when we reflect on who we are and what’s really important.


Our brand new, state-of-the-art fitness center boasts elliptical machines, free weights, weight machines, a yoga studio, dance and fitness studio and a full indoor cycling studio.


Come shoot a goal, play in one of our hockey tournaments or just practice your skating at our regulation hockey rinks!


Wayne Hall is where it all happens at Tyler Hill. It’s the regal centerpiece of camp, and our office and head staff housing is here.


Bunk living is the best at Tyler Hill! Comfortable and cozy, Tyler Hill bunks make the transition from home to camp easy!


Bunk living is the best at Tyler Hill! Comfortable and cozy, Tyler Hill bunks make the transition from home to camp easy!


Come hit some balls at the driving range, improve your skills on the putting green or play on our full 9-hole championship golf course!


Come to one of the best spots in camp — the Tyler Dome — to shoot some hoops in our full size basketball court or to play hockey in our newly renovated hockey rink!


Our Fine Arts/Arts & Crafts Center will excite campers at every artistic level — from beginners to the most creative and talented artists! Choose from dozens of options like painting and drawing, tie-dye, woodworking, rocket-building, candle-making and clay and ceramics, just to name a few. Come prepared to have fun and get a little messy!


Tyler Hill’s four professionally groomed baseball and softball fields are perfect training ground for our campers to learn to play or to hone their batting, pitching, catching and fielding skills. Play Ball!


You won’t find a more perfect setting to take your basketball skills to the next level. Our professional coaches take basketball seriously — and our winning Tyler Hill teams prove it year in and year out. Our annual Color War Apache Relay ends on Court #1, and the cheers from campers and staff alike can be heard for miles.


Nighttime is fun time in the Tyler Hill Canteen! Campers spend a little time here every night of the summer…and while they’re here they can play pool, ping pong, knock hockey, shuffleboard…or they can just hang out with their friends! It’s everyone’s favorite spot in camp!


We serve three incredible meals a day in our Dining Hall — and all in one seating for the entire camp! Spirit abounds with dining hall cheers and songs, and mealtime at Tyler Hill is not only delicious — it’s fun!!


T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N!!! Our Tyler Hill Camp Football Stadium is home to the Tyler Hill Camp Lazarus Bowl, our annual flag football tournament during which we host 10 other camps for the day. Every other day of the summer it’s in constant use for football practices, games, lessons and combines. From the oldest to the youngest campers…boys’ leagues and girls’ leagues…everyone gets in on the football action at Tyler Hill!


One of the more exciting and fastest growing activities at camp…Gaga! Everybody loves it, everybody can play and our Tyler Hill Gaga courts see tons of action all summer long!


Fun and laughter are what you’ll see and hear at one of our campers’ favorite destinations in camp! Laurel Lake is the spot to go to swim, kayak, canoe, paddleboat, sail, jump, climb and get wet! Our waterslide will drop you off right into Laurel Lake, too! And if you’re not in the water mood, you can build sandcastles and spend time on our awesome Tyler Hill beach.


Come one, come all to the Tyler Hill Movie Theater…fully air-conditioned for your rainy day viewing pleasure! And if it’s not raining, you may find yourself here for movie night with your bunk or division, or for watching special events like Olympics gymnastics or other special televised sporting events.


Our heated Olympic-size pool is the place to be on hot camp days, and is also the place where you’ll hone your skills and have fun learning the strokes!


First-timers and veteran water skiers will glide through Silver Lake on skis, wakeboards, kneeboards and more.  Our devoted staff will help beginners make their way around the lake for the first time, and will also help those veteran skiers improve their abilities on skis.


Our meticulously manicured soccer and lacrosse fields keep our campers kicking, blocking, fielding, shooting, dodging, passing and having fun all summer long!


Tennis is built right into campers’ programs and also available for private and small group instruction. Our 12 magnificent tennis courts are home to a team of experienced and professional instructors who guide our campers all summer long. Whether you’re holding a racket for the first time or playing for your high school team, our tennis staff will bring you to the next level!


If you like to swim, if you like to play, bounce, splash, slide, laugh and want to have fun, then Tyler Hill’s own Laurel Lake is the best spot in camp for you!  Slide right into the lake on our amusement park like water slide, or jump on our water trampoline and all of our inflatable water “toys”.  Take a surf bike or paddle boat around the lake for some added fun!

How to explore

  • Drag the map up, down, left and right to see our entire campus!
  • Zoom in and Zoom out using the buttons or your mouse’s scroll wheel.
  • Click on a location to learn more!

Map Key

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Baseball and Softball Fields
  • Basketball Courts 1-4
  • Boys Bunks
  • Canteen
  • Dining Hall
  • Fitness Center
  • Football Stadium
  • Gaga Courts
  • Girls Bunks
  • Golf Course
  • Hockey Rink
  • Laurel Lake
  • Movie Theatre
  • Outdoor Education
  • Pool
  • Silver Lake Waterskiing
  • Soccer and Lacrosse Fields
  • Starfish Stage
  • Tennis Courts
  • Tyler Dome
  • Waterslide
  • Wayne Hall
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