Another Camp Love Story


The weekend of April 25th brought sunshine and warmth in Boca Raton Florida. It also brought the wedding of a beautiful Tyler Hill couple – Todd and Jessi Robbins!

While Todd and his wife Jessi did not meet AT camp, they both have wonderful camp stories and continued involvement in camp.

Todd started camp as a Cadet in 1999, when he was just 9 years old. Todd’s older brother attended Tyler Hill, which was a major deciding factor in his excitement to go. Todd loved camp and everything about it, with a particular interest in waterski. After he went through the C.I.T (Counselor In Training) program, Todd came back to work as a Junior Counselor and continued as a staff member for the next five summers.

While Todd was attending Tyler Hill, Jessi was at another camp which she started when she was 8 years old. Jessi, like Todd, loved life at camp, from her camp friends to the campfires and all activities.

Todd and Jessi both attended the University of Central Florida which is where they met, and the rest is history!

Jessi eventually came to Tyler Hill as a staff member for one year with Todd, where she immediately felt the love of a second family. While Todd’s heart will always be at Tyler Hill, he has found a new home at North Shore Day Camp where he now spends his summers. Todd and Jessi still love coming to Tyler Hill whenever they can, whether it’s to spend a weekend with the campers and staff, or to help out at get-togethers throughout the year!

They are a truly wonderful couple and the entire THC family wishes them the happiest life together!

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