A Wonderful Weekend In Leadership Training!


If you live in New York and over the weekend you thought you saw some Tyler Hill Division Leaders, Head Counselors and Friendship Coaches lurking in the distance, you just might be right!  More than 20 of your Tyler Hill head staff from near and far gathered together this past weekend for two straight days of incredible leadership development, customer service and excellence training.

Day one was filled with conversations about how to keep our counselors motivated and happy, how to make sure campers are getting the most out of their summers and how to make sure we are meeting parents’ expectations all season long!   Bob Ditter, one of the most renowned child therapists and our favorite Tyler Hill consultant, and Jay Jacobs, TLC’s Executive Director were our special guest presenters.


Day Two brought another chock filled agenda with world class Disney management speaker Dennis Snow.  The author of Lessons From the Mouse, Dennis shared his experiences and his advice on creating “wow” summer experiences for our Tyler Hill campers and their families.  We were all “wowed” by him and can’t wait to put into practice what we learned.   We ended the weekend with a barbecue at Andy and Wendy’s, where we all just got excited at the fact that there are less than 75 days until camp!!!!



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