One, Two, Three, Four, WE WANT COLOR WAR…

Well it happened… COLOR WAR 2014 BROKE TONIGHT AT TYLER HILL!!! The evening started with our final STARFISH ceremony. Afterwards Andy explained that a contest between two DJ’s was going to be held to determine which one will be performing at Prom. The camp was excited and dancing to Total Entertainment on the basketball court. We then moved inside where we were greeted by Coach Rick and DJ Justin Miller. After a fierce “Battle of the DJ’s”, Andy was about to announce the official DJ of Tyler Hill Camp when Kayla Stokkard popped out from behind the curtains and claimed she was the official entertainer of Tyler Hill Camp.
Flyers were thrown into the audience, only to once again prove to be a fake. Kayla performed four songs, and Andy quieted the camp down, readying us for a final clue.
And then it happened…
The curtain opened to reveal a video of the New York Rangers’ goalie, Henrik Lundqvist! Henrik said he hopes to come to Tyler Hill someday, but for now is happy to announce that “THIS IS COLOR WAR 2014!” We would like to thank him for taking the time to break Color War, in what proved to be the most exciting break we’ve had in years!
The war has begun and it’s Blue People and White Sports Illustrated….
Stay tuned for updates

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