Tyler Hill Will Always Be Our Home Away From Home

We love nothing more than catching up with our current and alumni staff who grew up at camp! This week we touched base with two of our awesome Tyler Hill staff members, Rebecca and Ilyssa Frank. Read below to hear about their experiences at Tyler Hill and what camp has taught them.

Hi my name is Rebecca Frank and this will be my 13th summer at Tyler Hill! I am from Springfield, NJ and am a Junior at Syracuse University majoring in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education. I have a brother, Adam, and sister, Ilyssa, who both attended THC as campers. My favorite thing to do is to hang with my family, especially my dog Shea. I am also very involved with my sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, at Syracuse.

In 1999 my brother chose Tyler Hill Camp and when I was 8, I started to beg my parents to send me as well. Finally, I started as a Freshmen girl in 2002. I went on to become a JC for my wonderful girls when they were Seniors, and continued to stay with them until last summer when I was their group leader as CIT’s. This summer I will be the Friendship coach for the Freshmen girls.

Tyler Hill has taught me a lot over the past thirteen years. My best friends from Freshmen year are still my best friends to this very day. They have shown me what true friendship is, and I know that I can always count on them. Camp has also taught me to never take anything for granted. Tyler Hill is one of a kind, and anyone who has spent just one summer there can probably agree that there is no other place like it. We all have “homes away from home”, but Tyler Hill has become so much more to me. I have never felt more comfortable, happy, and lucky anywhere else in my life. Many people ask me if the only reason I still go to camp is because I am an education major. I always answer that I will be here for the rest of my life because I want to be here and I could not imagine my summers anywhere else.

Hi! My name is Ilyssa Frank and I am from Springfield, New Jersey. I have been going to Tyler Hill since 2004. I am 18 years old and a Freshmen at the University of Wisconsin. I have a sister Rebecca who is 21 and a brother Adam who is 24. They both went to Tyler Hill as well. I have a huge obsession with dogs and my school.

I started camp as a Freshmen girl in 2004 because both of my siblings were there and absolutely loved it. I was probably the hardest of the three to convince to go to camp, but it was the best decision I ever made!

My favorite memory of camp was the first day I stepped off the bus as a camper. I distinctively remember meeting my counselors and walking into bunk four for the very first time. That summer was when I met my best friends for the very first time. Camp has taught me how to make such amazing friends that seem more like family. Another favorite memory I have of camp was my very first day as a counselor. I was extremely nervous, but I soon realized how incredible my campers were. They have taught me so much and have become so much more to me than just campers. Watching them grow up for the past two summers is an experience I will forever be thankful for.

Now I am just counting down the days until I can be back at the greatest place ever. In fact, all my friends get so annoyed with me because all I talk about is camp! Tyler Hill is my second family and will always be my home away from home.




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