Indian Summer 2013

We had our annual Indian Summer this past weekend at camp and it was so much fun catching up with everyone and seeing how they’ve been these past few weeks since camp has ended! The weather was beautiful, our campers were awesome, and it was an all-around great weekend!

The campers spent their time reminiscing around camp, taking lots of pictures now that the fall foliage is settling in, and just having some good ‘ol fashion hanging-out time. The boys played a big game of flag football in our football stadium and the girls did their traditional “Baking with Bette,” where they made her famous mini chocolate chip cookies! On Saturday we ate our favorite meals – camp pizza and a BBQ. On Saturday night we did our annual “fry-off” where we deep-fried all kinds of different foods!  It’s an activity here at camp that no ones ever tires from!

In addition to Andy & Wendy and Michael & Deanna, we had several staff members who came up to help us out and enjoy the weekend with us! A special thanks to Bette & Lenny Weisenthal, Bill & Carol Lalin, Chris Beltz, Nick Williams, Lonnie Sarnell, Todd Robbins, Jessi Chodos, Amy Davidowitz, Cat Kennedy, Gareth Evans, Chynna Shapiro and Ross Weiner.  It was another successful Indian Summer here at Tyler Hill!


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