Color War Break-Out 2013!!!

The most anticipated night of the summer finally arrived this past weekend as all of THC headed up the basketball courts for the last STARFISH ceremony of the summer! The themes of this week’s service were Sensitivity and Helpfulness, and it was the CITS turn to get up in front of THC to explain the meaning of these two values in their time here at Tyler Hill. After the CITS spoke, it was time for Michael to read the last set of quotes for the last two values of STARFISH. Then, Wendy came forward to read her last STARFISH speech of the summer. Finally, it was time to announce the last STARFISH winners of summer 2013.

After all of the names were read, hearts started racing as a van was seen pulling into camp. Could this be it?  Campers and counselors swarmed towards the vehicle, anxious to see if it this would be the breakout of Color War 2013. After being told to go back to their seats, THC welcomed the three members of Air Elite, a traveling team of basketball dunkers who took to the courts to perform some amazing tricks for Tyler Hill.

Once the incredible Air Elite show came to an end, hopes of this being Color War breakout started to dwindle. Right as Andy was about to send everybody back to the bunks, he revealed the final Color War clue: “Be careful what you wish for…”  Immediately, the crowd started chanting “Ron Dagan,” (a THC legend…) when Andy told everybody to be silent and listen in the distance. A low hum from the Camp-I-Theatre filled the air, and the crowd sprinted down to find out what was waiting for them. Down playing at the Camp-I-Theatre was the one and only Ron Dagan himself!!!

Everybody sang and danced along to the THC legend. Finally at the end of the performance, fireworks went off in the sky, flyers were thrown in the air, and craziness ensued as everybody sprinted to find out which team they were on. Division leaders marched onto the stage with two signs; one that said White Fire, and the other Blue Ice.

Everyone was so excited to finish off the last week here at THC strong with an amazing Fire and Ice Color War!  Stay tuned!!!

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