The World of Willy Wonka Came to Life at THC

Ronald Dahl’s timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir came to life when all of THC went to the social hall for our camp’s production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

The story revolves around a boy named Charlie who was born in a poor family and lived with his grandparents and parents. The only breadwinner of the family is Charlie’s father Mr. Bucket, who lost his job in local factory. The story then becomes magical as Mr. Wonka, who is the maker of the best Chocolate in the world, gives out 5 tickets hidden in chocolate wrappers. The winner of the tickets would get a tour of the factory, and a large supply of chocolate – enough for the rest of their lives. Charlie couldn’t believe his luck when he found the very last of Mr. Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets inside his chocolate bar. He won the trip of a lifetime, a magical tour around Mr. Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory and witnesses amazing wonders: rainbow drops, lickable wallpaper, and even a chocolate waterfall.

The story creates an artificial world of fantasy and adventure, which allowed the creative thinking and imagination run wild for our campers.  Everybody in the crowd held up their  Wonka lollipops and watched as campers took to the stage to dance and sing this incredible tale.

Check out our Willy Wonka pictures below and to see what’s been going on here at camp lately, take a look at our latest installment of THC TV! (To catch a glimpse of Willy Wonka, speed up to 3:20!)


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