2013 Laz Bowl Champs!!!

Everybody got decked out in blue and white earlier this week for one of the biggest THC Spirit Days of the summer; the 2013 Lazarus Bowl! (aka – “The Laz Bowl”) The Laz Bowl is the largest flag football tournament in Wayne County and is hosted here at THC. Eight teams from all over Wayne County traveled to Tyler Hill for this huge day of fierce competition.

All teams started off with what’s called a “Pool Play.” Here, each team played three games to determine which four teams would advance to the Semifinals. THC crushed Westmont in the first game with a final score of 28 to 0. Then in the second game against Equinunk, THC prevailed as winners once again with a score of 38 to 15. In THC’s final game of Pool Play against Wayne, THC came out on top with a score of 21 to 6. Our undefeated record placed us in the first seed slot for the Semifinals. The stadium was rocking with energy, and everyone was so excited to see our boys continue to make us all proud!

Despite the rain that crept upon us that evening, all of THC came out to the field decked out in rain gear, ready to cheer on Tyler Hill.  As the tournament continued, we found ourselves in our final game against Towanda. The bleachers were shaking as the crowd jumped, danced, and cheered with enthusiasm for our THC boys.  Both teams came out strong, but it was Tyler Hill that scored the first touchdown of the night in the first quarter. Towanda came back with revenge though, tying up the game in the second quarter.

After a halftime show that featured some Freshmen cheerleaders and the Upper Camp dance team, Tyler Hill took the lead with a touchdown in the third quarter.  But Towanda wasn’t giving up, and came back to tie the game 13 to 13 in the bottom of the fourth quarter. Everyone in the crowd held their breath as Towanda missed the penalty point. The game went into overtime for the first time in Laz Bowl History!

Each team had an opportunity to score a touchdown as part of the overtime period, and Towanda was the first to have the ball. After a few minutes of intense play, Towanda scored, knocking up their score to 19, and causing anxiety among the THC crowd. After a missed penalty shot, it was THC’s turn to score. Heartbeats were racing as CIT Jonathan K. made an unbelievable catch, and tied the game with a great THC touchdown. The crowd put their fingers in the air for one of the most intense moments in THC sports history, as the team took to the field for the penalty point that could (and would) win the game. With one throw, the ball was sent cutting through the air, received by CIT Mark S. The crowd erupted in cheers and everybody stormed the field. It was a truly unforgettable night here at THC and we are so proud of our entire Lazarus Bowl team on their incredible win!



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