Visiting Day + Alumni Day = Weekend Surprise!

This past weekend we had two of our most treasured days of the summer: Visiting Day and Alumni Day, plus a surprise twist!

Visiting Day:
It was another extremely successful Visiting Day here at THC, as campers and parents reunited after a month of being apart. There were tears of joy all around as parents started running down the hill, and campers jumped into their arms. Once parents and campers were finally together, the Visiting Day festivities began!

Parents and campers took part in some fun in-camp activities such as water skiing and tennis, and also enjoyed some of their favorite foods while lounging on their picnic blankets and enjoying the beautiful weather. After parents left, campers took part in our annual camp-wide huge water fight that got everybody on their feet, running around with glee. Everyone had a wonderful Visiting Day, and campers are eager to begin what many consider to be the three most exciting weeks of camp!  Can you say Color War????

Alumni Day:
Following Visiting Day was another very special day here at THC: Alumni Day! Each Alumni Day, all of THC gathers in the Camp-I-Theatre to honor a number of Tyler Hill Alumni who are being inducted into THC Hall of Fame. It was an extra special ceremony this year as former Color War General and Counselor Cory Frank and Girls’ Head Counselor Lonnie Sarnell were two of the inductees.  Many of Lonnie’s former and current campers and co-counselors were in attendance to celebrate her induction. A number of her former campers came on stage and recited a speech they wrote just for her special day.

The Surprise Twist:
Then, former camper Jordan Zucker came forward to do something that took the entire camp’s breath away. He started his speech on the premise of how Tyler Hill builds relationships, when he asked for his girlfriend and former camper Gabi Shapiro to come forward. A few minutes later, he was down on bended knee asking for her hand in marriage!!!

It was an extra special weekend here at Tyler Hill between Visiting Day and Alumni Day.  Never did we imagine that 2 of our former campers, who have spent many summers, going through many Visiting Days together, think that one day they would return for Alumni Day and embark on their new life together right here at Tyler Hill – The very place where it all started for them.

It was a very special weekend all around for our current campers, and our former campers alike!



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