Girl Power All the Way!!!

It was an exciting day here at Tyler Hill as our Cadet through Junior Girls competed in THC’s famous Franko Cup tournament!

After our girls won the first game and then lost their second, it all came down to the third game. It was the bottom of the fifth inning of a 5-inning game. Our girls were down 6 to 4. Bases were loaded when Joeyl S. came up to bat. With a single swing, the ball was sent cutting through the air – at that moment, everyone was silent with their fingers crossed. With just that one hit, three more runs were scored as the girls ran to home plate scoring one run after another. Our Tyler Hill girls took the lead from Trails End, winning the game with a final score of 7-6.

The girls broke out in celebration, and grasped the title of the 2013 Franko Cup Champions!  And in true Tyler Hill spirit, when you win, the idea is to be a gracious and a generous winner. Our Tyler Hill girls displayed incredible good sportsmanship acknowledging their own victory without making their opponent feel bad. Good sportsmanship was displayed en mass. We are so proud of our Tyler Hill Cadet and Junior girls – Congratulations to our 2013 Franko Cup Champions!  Girl power all the way!!!!


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