3rd Consecutive Win ~ 2013 Basketball Invitational

It was a very spirited day at THC’s Basketball Invitational, as everyone got decked out in their white and blue!  Everyone headed to the basketball courts to cheer on their Super and CIT Basketball teams as they participated in the THC Invitational Boys Basketball Tournament!

The energy in the air was electric as everybody cheered on THC, and kept up the spirit throughout all of the games.  According to basketball coach Rodney Lewis, there are four teams in the double elimination tournament, two of which are THC’s own Super/Teen and CIT teams.

The first game of the tournament was THC’s CIT Boy’s team vs. Seneca Lake. The boys came out and hustled up and down the court to win with a final score of 52 to 40.  After winning a second game against Seneca Lake in the semi-finals, the boys were placed in the finals against Towanda. The team was on point throughout the game, working extremely hard to win the entire tournament!

“Their win was very gratifying. I like how they finished. They finished strong,” Rodney said. “They work extremely hard, some days they’ll even practice twice. It’s a good testament to the fact that they try to win, and try as hard as they can to do so.”

Congratulations to THC Blue for winning their third consecutive Tyler Hill Basketball Invitational championship! It was a truly exciting day with plenty of suspense and an all-around great time! Check out the highlights video & pictures below!



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