Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Yesterday was the 4th of July and we celebrated in style! We were all dressed in red, white and blue and were fashionably prepared for our big day of celebrations!

The Freshman girls made American themed rice krispie treats for the Freshmen boys.  Using all kinds of edible decorations, they were meticulous on what to place where.  Even if that meant placing it in their mouths to taste-testing everything first!  We also had a blast doing other fun activities which included the “USA vs. The Rest of the World” tug of war competition – which of course, the USA won! 🙂

In honor of all those men and women who helped to guarantee our freedoms here in the United States, the theme at last night’s barbeque was “Army.”  Finally, after our barbeque, we enjoyed our 4th of July Show presented by some very talented campers which was immediately followed by a spectacular nighttime lightshow of colorful fireworks over the lake.

Happy birthday America!



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