Fun and Friendly Competition at THC!

When girls’ side campers and counselors awoke the other morning, it wasn’t to the usual tune of Reveille. Instead, bunks were bombarded with the loud cheering of Teens, who ran through their bunks dressed in costume and filled with spirit. After just a few moments of confusion, campers lined up outside by the flagpole to find out that it was time for League Teams! While campers usually participate in sports as a division, League teams split up campers into four intra-division teams who play against each other throughout the summer. Each team was be led by a few of the Teens.

The theme of Leagues this summer is Superheroes! The four teams are Wonder Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hulk, and Catwoman. The girls had their first League event, which was an all girls’ side Apache Relay.

We also have other friendly competitive activities happening too, no matter which way you look here at camp! Flag-football is off to a great start! Our campers are dodging the counselors having a ton of fun side-stepping any potential aggressor!  (Our counselors are trying their very best, but our campers are outrunning them by leaps and bounds!) We have soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball too – whew!

Finally, we had “Battle of the Sexes” and “Wacky Relays” with some high-energy competition involving the upmost concentration and skill.  Nothing beats the skill, concentration and talent it takes to balance a chocolate chip cookie on your forehead and trying to ever-so-slowly roll it down your nose and into your mouth!  Check out the video and pictures below and see for yourself!


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