Freshman & Cadet Campers Gathering

We’re gearing up for camp this summer, and having just spent an amazing day this past weekend with some of our youngest campers, it’s even more difficult for us to hold in our excitement!!!  Freshmen and Cadets campers, both new and returning, reunited  at Downtown Sports in Mahwah, New Jersey for fun & games!

The day worked on a rotating schedule, where our campers did 5 different stations (basketball, knock out, kickball, whiffle ball, and soccer) and of course, after all that fun, we built up such an appetite we had lunch too! Pizza, salads, and chips were served along with juice and water.

What makes our get-togethers so great is not just the opportunity to see our campers, but to also see our staff as well.  The connection that our staff have with their campers is so special.  To see everyone come together again before the summer starts is a sight to be seen.  Along with Andy and Wendy, other staff members on-hand were Mike and Deanna, Bette Weisenthal, Bill and Carol Lalin, Lonnie Sarnell, Tammy Weisenthal, Alyssa Flaum, Melissa Gerber, Steve Frank, Seth and Meredith Niessen, Calvin Simmons, Robyn Kelstein, Donovan Moore, and Steve Koss!

We even had some of our upper camp boys who are siblings of younger kids at the reunion come and help out too! A very special thanks to Justin Yehuda, Corey Jacobs, Jake Watsky, and Jake Rosenzweig!  Onward to the continuing countdown until Summer 2013 begins – only 71 days!!!


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