Finding STARFISH Out in the Sea

Hello Camp families!  We recently received an email from one of our staff memebers who was also a former camper of ours (for 9 years!) that we wanted to share with you.


Dear Andy & Wendy,

As you know, I am currently on a “Semester at Sea” voyage.  After leaving Myanmar (Burma), I decided to write to you. This country happened to be my favorite on this entire voyage thus far – and it got me to thinking: If I hadn’t gone to Tyler Hill Camp, I honestly don’t think I would have had the courage to do this voyage in the first place.

I learned so many skills at Tyler Hill subconsciously. Camp has taught me to be mindful of others, and to appreciate everything that I have. Something that I think I took for granted until I saw these countries throughout this trip. I have been to countries that have been stricken with poverty, and as we travel through them, I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am for all that I have.

What I now see within myself, that I learned from Tyler Hill, is to be respectful of others – despite any situation. Unfortunately, not all of the students on board this ship are people that share this philosophy. Thankfully, I am Tyler Hill trained to be Respectful and Tolerant no matter what. This mindset of STARFISH has helped me to no end; and I am forever grateful to you and my Tyler Hill family for instilling these values in me.

As you know through my emails, I am having an incredible experience on this voyage. I think my initial reason for doing this type of semester abroad was to copy my brothers and come out of it a changed person like they did.  But my final motivation was to learn more about places that I had little knowledge about; engage myself with locals and experience their daily way of life; and to immerse myself within the culture and ethnic groups to encounter something unique and learn everything that I possibly can.  I have learned so much about culture, geography, government types, tourist and local mentality, and so much more. Again, if I hadn’t gone to Tyler Hill Camp, I don’t think I would have had the courage to do this Semester at Sea in the first place.

I wanted to thank the both of you, along with Nick, Michael, Bette, Robyn, Melissa, Stogel, Stacy Davidowitz, CITS 2009, my campers, and everybody in my Tyler Hill Family, for helping me not only to have the courage to go on Semester at Sea, but to know that I take and keep the principals of STARFISH with me where ever I am. Knowing that I still carry STARFISH with me out at Sea has been an amazing revelation in this journey of mine. I love you all!


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