Sean, Kyle and Dylan Followed Their Cousins to THC!

This will be the 7th year that Sean, Kyle and Dylan’s family has been a part of our THC family! Originally, the boy’s cousins were campers at THC (for over 10 years!) and worked their way up to become counselors.  Year after year the boys heard about the amazing summers their cousins were having at camp, and all three boys followed their cousins to become part of the Tyler Hill family!

According to Sean, Kyle and Dylan’s parents, “THC is not only a beautiful place for our kids to spend their summers, but it’s also their 2nd home. Andy and Wendy have taken such great care of our boys each summer. The kids love the sports leagues and programs at camp, as well as the friendships they have formed over the years. Sean will be joining the THC staff this year and we know Kyle and Dylan will soon follow.”

I was born in New York but have lived in Florida since I was 4. I live in Boca Raton and have two younger brothers, Kyle and Dylan. I also have two bullmastiffs, one named Luke and the other Nikki. I enjoy playing basketball, tennis, and other sports and enjoy watching sports also. I have been on the tennis team at my school for the last 3 years.  I have attended THC for 6 years and am going back this summer to be a counselor which I can’t wait for! I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing in sports tournaments at camp.

Hi, my name is Kyle and I am a 14 years old and I’m from Boca Raton, Florida. Yes, I’m the middle son!  The one thing I love most about camp are my friends who I see every summer. I love hanging out with them all summer long and playing sports with them.  I have been going to Tyler Hill for 6 summers and I am looking forward to returning for my 7th and continuing on the same path as my brother and cousins.  I enjoy participating in basketball tournaments against other camps and playing basketball at the elective period. I also enjoy playing in SNF.

My name is Dylan and I’m 11 years old.  I’m in the 6th grade and I love playing basketball, football and tennis.  This summer will be my 5th summer at Tyler Hill and I will be a Junior this coming summer.  My favorite things about camp are the different activities there are to do.  I also love the fact that all of my friends return year after year with me.


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