Senior Girls Interview Shane

Over the summer, we had a group of “special guest writers” who went out and interviewed either staff members or campers for news stories.  This week’s article was written over the summer by three of our Senior girls who decided to try their hand at reporting – campers Tara, Leah, and Jordyn.  They sat down with Tyler Hill’s new cooking instructor, Shane Frances, for a quick interview about his plans and experiences as a “newbie” at Tyler Hill. This is what they wrote:

It was a quiet, windy day in Pennsylvania. It was as if winter had been brought up to Tyler Hill. A man with floppy brown hair sat across from us three senior girls. We were prepared for our first interview with Shane, the new cooking instructor. We had no notebook, just our amazing thoughts and memories.

Us: Hello Shane! Welcome, have a seat. Now Shane, we know you are new here to THC and have the position as the new cooking man. How was your journey to the USA?

Shane (Please read in an Australian accent): Well, it was a surreal experience. I flew to Los Angeles for 12 hours, flew 5 more hours to NYC, and took a 3-hour bus ride here. It was a fun 20-hour trip, and well worth it!

Us: What differences have you found here at camp compared to Australia?

Shane: My freshman campers like to make fun of me for calling the game Monkey in the Middle, “Piggy in the Middle.”  I also call sandals, “thongs”.

Us: What are you planning on cooking this summer?

Shane: Well, yesterday we made cereal treats, and we plan on making s’mores, gingerbread cookies, and brownie pizza. Personally, I feel it’s going to be a whole new experience for the taste buds.

Us: It was great getting to know you Shane! Thank you so much for sitting down to chat with us. Hopefully, we will hear more from you soon! Bye!

Shane: Bye!

Thank you to our senior ladies for the time and effort they put into this piece over the summer.   Needless to say, Shane’s cooking course was one of our most popular activities at camp this past summer  — Can you say “brownie pizza?!” Yuuummmmmmmm!!!!! (Wonder what’ll be cooking in cooking for Summer 2013?!)

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