Former Campers Bring Camp to Underprivileged Kids

Imagine 10…15…20 years from now…your THC campers are grown and professional and living in the “real world”.  Imagine that these wonderful children of yours decide that they want to “give back” to their communities and get involved in helping underprivileged kids.  Now imagine that they’re helping underprivileged kids get to sleep-away camp, because they still recall their fondest memories from their summers spent at Tyler Hill and know the impact that summer camp can have on a child.

That’s pretty much the story of Slade Sohmer and Michael “Jacko” Jackowitz.  These two New York City 30 year-olds met many years ago at Tyler Hill, grew up together as campers, counselors and ultimately Slade became the youngest-ever assistant head of the Boys’ Side.  The connection they maintained to one another, combined with their passion for camp and their desire to make a difference in the world, brought them BACK to Tyler Hill more than ten years later. They returned in 2011 and brought with them the unique organization that runs and funds Camp POWER.

Camp POWER is the signature program of Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization, Country Roads Foundation, and serves children from the most violent and impoverished areas in Brooklyn.  Camp POWER’s 200-plus campers must earn the right to attend camp by maintaining grades and appropriate behavior in school.  In return, they spend 6 days and nights at Tyler Hill just being kids.  They get to climb the rock wall, swim in the pool and the lakes, sleep under the stars and be care-free.  They laugh and smile. They are well taken care of. They are loved. They are safe.

Often we are asked by parents if we offer community service projects or if we have any ideas for prospective “mitzvah” projects for their children.  Now that we are 2 years into what we hope will be a long term relationship with Camp POWER and the Country Roads Foundation, we wanted to share with you their mission and goals along with ways for you and your children to get involved. Here’s a few:

  • October 19th Talent Show Fundraiser Event: Food, refreshments and entertainment…all for $40!  7:30 – 10pm at Roulette in Brooklyn. A bunch of THC staff members will be attending if you’re interested in checking it out to support the org.  Buy your tix here!
  • Camp POWER Lap-A-Thon: We will be inviting our THC campers to swim laps next summer to raise money for Camp POWER, so more deserving children can get a taste of what a summer camp experience is all about.

For more info about Camp POWER and CRF, check out We think you’ll love what you learn about them!

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