Indian Summer 2012

What a great time we had with our Indian Summer campers who came back to their home away from home to spend one last weekend here at Tyler Hill before the winter months start to creep in and take over.

The weather was beautiful all weekend long. Our Indian Summer campers arrived and we had one of our classic camp lunches waiting for them – pizza!  Then it was a glorious afternoon filled with activities.  Most of our boys opted for one of camp’s favorite past-times, flag football, while many of the girls enjoyed one of their favorite activities, baking cookies with Bette!  We also started a new Indian Summer Weekend tradition where we had the Teens and CIT boys and girls sign t-shirts to be used during our Color War frozen t-shirt contest that we do every summer.

Once the evening hit, we had the option of choosing to participate in various different evening activities: watching movies, playing basketball, or hanging out in the canteen. We also had a blast in our annual “fry-off” where we deep fry random food! (Some good…. and some eh, not so good!)

On Sunday we had a great buffet breakfast of bagels and omelettes! We also took our time walking around one last time with everyone taking lots of pictures around camp of each other with the beautiful fall leaves all changing colors, before we left. Great food, great friends, great times…. What a fantastic Indian Summer weekend we had! (A special thanks to Jordyn for the pictures!)


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