It’s Mike & Deanna’s Wedding! (Or Is It???)

We had lovely, warm weather, which was perfect for Mike and Deanna’s wedding – Right here at Tyler Hill Camp where Mike and Deanna first met. (Awwwww!)

The whole camp was invited and we all dressed to impress for this special occasion. We ate finger foods on the lawn, had a “champagne” toast (don’t worry parents, it was just lemonade!), and everyone gathered outside the beautifully decorated new gazebo down by the lake. The setting was not only perfect – it was amazing!

The entire camp was silent as we all listened intently to Mike and Deanna exchange vows. Suddenly, the ceremony was interrupted by Robin (Ohhhhh we miss you Robin!), who crashed the wedding and announced —– the breakout of Color War!!!  Everyone went CRAZY!!!

What a perfect way for Color War 2012 to begin!!! (And don’t worry, Mike & Deanna are really getting married sometime soon!)


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