Tyler Hill’s New Football Stadium – Game on!

All week long, our campers have been submerged in sports here at Tyler Hill. But Thursday night, all of us here were part of a great experience: the grand opening of the brand new Tyler Hill football stadium! (To see video, click “Continue Reading” below!)

Inspired by Tyler Hill’s rich tradition of flag football, this past year THC purchased a brand new set of bleachers.  Enough so that it is able to seat the entire camp! After dinner, everyone lined up and headed over to the football field where we sat for the first time in the new bleachers and watched the first flag football game of the 2012 season.  What could make this event even more spectacular you may wonder?  How about watching the first flag football game of the 2012 season on a field illuminated by new stadium lights!

Everyone was floored by how amazing this was. We all stood in the stands while the national anthem played, and we applauded when the song was closed out by a show of airplanes and fireworks! The crowds then cheered on as the Black Roughriders took on the White Regulators.

It was a night of great energy and excitement for all of us!

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