In Memory of Karen Frank

How does one describe an icon so that everyone knows what an incredible person Karen Frank was and how she meant so much to so many?

Karen came to Tyler Hill with her husband Steven (Franko) in 1974. At that time she was the group leader of the Senior girls. She was filled with spirit and enthusiasm and Tyler Hill became her home. As years went by, Franko became the Assistant Boys’ Head Counselor and Karen brought two future Tyler Hill Color War Generals, Alyssa and Corey, into the world. In 2005 she found her true love in her grandson Aidan and in 2007 he was joined by brother Cooper.

Karen was a Wayne Hall Woman for several years and then in 1991 she became the Assistant Head Counselor for Girls’ Camp. She held that position for three years. In 1995, Karen became the office manager where she worked every day to make Tyler Hill the wonderful place it is.

So what made Karen the special person that she was? Her warmth, her creativity, her love for all campers and counselors was part of who she was. She knew everybody’s name. She listened to everyone’s problems and gave wonderful advice. She shared ideas and was thrilled when there was good news to celebrate. She encouraged people to be the best they could be and always had the answers. There was nothing that Karen couldn’t do and nothing that she wasn’t good at. She was the “go to” person for all of us at THC.

As the summer of 2012 approaches and we are all getting excited to be together with our Tyler Hill family once again, we are all saddened that one of us is missing. Karen, we will miss you dearly and we know that you will be watching over us, seeing us order this years’ sweatshirts, judging sing, and laughing at all the silly things that happen at camp although it will never be the same without you.
~ We love you ~

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  • I was a cook hand in 1998 and a swimming counsellor in 1991 and so spent 2 summers with Karen. On a whim, decided to look at the THC website and saw this. Very sad loss. Thoughts with her family. Julian Sahu

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