Spring Reunion at Down Town Sports

We had a great Spring Reunion this past weekend in Mahwah, New Jersey at Down Town Sports for our two youngest age groups of campers – our Freshmen and Cadets!

We had a spectacular turnout with a show of over 100 THCers!  We had so much fun playing dodgeball, kickball and having a basketball shooting contest.  Food, drinks and laughter were also a constant throughout the day.

Many of our summer staff were also on-hand at this reunion because they were just as excited to see you as you were to see us! Tammy (Freshmen Cadet Girls Division Leader), Alyssa (Freshmen Cadet Girls Division Leader), Robin (Girls’ Head Counselor), Lonnie (Girls’ Assistant Head Counselor), Meredith (New Office Staff), Michael (Assistant Director), Chris (Boys’ Head Counselor), Robin Kelstein (Friendship Coach for Freshmen Boys), Natalie Perecman (long-time camper and 2012 Junior Counselor), Bette (Girls’ Camp Director) and Joel (Head Kitchen Staff).

Talking about camp, everyone was getting all excited for this summer, and we can’t wait either!  We’re counting down the days just like you.  That moment when we see your smiling face, and you jump off the bus – Only 59 more days until that happens! Yay!


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