Reunion in the Big Apple!

What’s better than spending a beautiful day in New York City? How about being surrounded by your closest friends, while spending a beautiful day in New York City! That’s what Tyler Hill’s Teens & CITs did last week when they got together for our Teen & CIT Reunion in The Big Apple!

Dawn E. told us “Ever since camp ended, I have missed my camp friends so much. It was great to finally see everyone at the reunion! We all picked up where we left off.” Lucy S. added “There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you see your camp friends in the middle of the winter.  I miss my camp friends so much during the school year and it was amazing to see everyone!”

Our oldest campers had a great time sharing laughs, memories while sampling some delicious food and beverages. Wendy & Andy also shared with them a little bit of what the upcoming summer has in store for them.  Other staff members who came to hang out with the Teens & CITs included Assistant Director Michael Davidowitz, Girls Assistant Head Counselor Lonnie Sarnell, Girls Camp Director Bette Weisenthal, Tennis Director & his wife Bill & Carol Lalin, Division Leaders Rebecca Kranz and Deanna Kennedy, General Counselor Samantha Brenner, and Hall of famer and our nurse Eric & Arlene Roth.

This reunion is always a bit surreal for our THC staff, seeing many campers who came to us as 8 and 9 year olds now prepare for a summer where they’ll be running the show! Sophie G. said “I love seeing my camp friends at reunions and throughout the year! We pick up right where we left off like we haven’t even been apart! Camp is amazing and I’m already counting down the days for this summer! I can’t wait. I love my camp friends!!

We’re counting down the days too!  With only 136 days left until the summer of 2012 begins, that time is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited!

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