Visiting Day – Summer 2011

On a scale of 1-10, our Visiting Day was a 12!  We could not have ordered better weather if we tried!

Everyone was so excited! Parents were running down the hill towards their children who were anxiously waiting!!!  Hugs and kisses were happening all over as our campers couldn’t wait to share all their wonderful camp experiences with their families.

Parents met their child’s counselors, friends and were able to see and do the things their child enjoys doing most at camp.  Some campers and their families choose to just hang-out on the lawn and talk all day while others water-skiied, swam, went boating or played tennis.  This is one of our favorite days of the summer!

Everyone was very happy with the day and especially with our top-notch staff.  Rave reviews about the day were echoed as Visiting Day came to a close and we ended the day with our traditional super-soaker water fight throughout camp…  As many campers have said over and over again to their parents “Thank you for sending me to Tyler Hill!!!  This is the best summer I’ve ever had!”

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