Tyler Gildin’s “Tyler Hill State of Mind”

You may recognize Tyler Gildin from his YouTube viral video hit sensation “Nassau State of Mind”, but did you know that Tyler Gildin was also a long time Tyler Hill camper and counselor?

As an accomplished young comedian who has opened for the likes of Daman Wayans and has performed at Caroline’s, Comix and at Gotham, Tyler, who spent his last summer with us in 2009, has credited THC with having a greater impact on him than any single entity in his entire life!“The friends I’ve made there and the lessons I’ve learned are incomparable to anywhere else. Having been a camper for 9 years and a counselor for 4, I really got to experience every aspect of the camp and truly enjoyed every moment of it. Tyler Hill is a beautiful place with unbelievable facilities, but more importantly it’s a place where the people care about you and are there for you like a real family.”

Gildin went on to say “I have a countless amount of favorite memories at Tyler Hill. Being a color war general in my final year at camp two summers ago is definitely one of the highlights when I think back – especially because I won. But it’s a lot of the simple things like just cracking jokes in the bunk and meeting new friends that really stick with you for a long time.”

You can read more about Tyler Gildin and his time spent at Tyler Hill Camp HERE.

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