Looking forward to the Lazarus Bowl!

Over the past decade, Tyler Hill Camp has taken flag football to a whole new level! Every summer the campers have more experience, knowledge, and skills to compete in an exciting round-robin tournament called the Lazarus Bowl.

The tournament hosted at THC has become a day filled with excitement, friendly competition, and a tasty BBQ lunch. Although the Lazarus Bowl is all about having a good time, one can’t help but notice the intensity of the football games. Tyler Hill, coached by Michael Davidowitz, has gone four straight years without losing a single game! Practices are held throughout the weeks prior to the tournament to help preserve the streak. The Sunday Night Football League runs throughout the summer and is comprised of four teams: Black Bearcats, Green Machine, Red Rough Riders, and White Regulators. Our annual draft is held during the first few days of camp which is always full of excitement and surprises. Former campers continue their SNF legacy by coaching and passing their experience and knowledge on to the supers, teens, and CITS currently in the league.

Flag Football has become a way of life at Tyler Hill. By inviting many other Wayne County camps to the Lazarus Bowl, the competition gets better and better, as do the facilities. In 2009, the main field was painted beautifully with the THC Logo and Lazarus Bowl Emblem, while the Tyler Hill team sported sharp new jerseys. A procession for each team led with banners and campers starts in the social hall following the drawing for seeds. Play by play announcing by our own Jordan Zucker gives the campers and fans great insight into each game. Experienced referees including Boys Side Head Counselor, Chris Beltz allow for a fun and fair game.

However, Flag Football for this summer of 2010 has been greatly anticipated in the past few months. New upcoming athletes in the super division, as well as experienced players from the teens and CIT are ready to give it their all and bring home a 5th straight Laz Bowl trophy!!! 2009 Lazarus Captain and MVP Maxx Shapiro was quoted, “It’s bittersweet that this summer I will not be able compete on the field, but I am excited to pass on my experiences, skills, and knowledge to the new guys coming in.” CIT, Jeff Sablosky was quoted, “I wait 10 months to get on the field for Laz, and the minute our team runs through that banner, I know we’re about to do something special.”

The 2010 Lazarus Bowl will be filled with fun for the players, coaches, fans, and everyone involved. Tyler Hill takes pride in exhibiting all of the STARFISH qualities and the annual Laz tournament truly shows how we do things here at THC!

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