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I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to come to Tyler Hill Camp. It has been a life changing experience. Camp brought me out of my four year life funk and gave me a new outlook on life.
— Ben S.

I might be the only 20 year old who STILL counts down the days 'til Summer! Tyler Hill is the best place to stay a kid. Even though you have responsibility and teach the kids things about friendship and life, I swear they teach you a little something in the process. These kids have this amazing innocence that makes you forget the minutia of your own life and the problems of the rest of the world. I can't wait to be back!!!
— Amy L.

There is no experience like the one you have at camp. The people I have met, and the friendships I have made with the counselors, campers and staff have made camp a wonderful experience that I look forward to every year. The countdown for next year begins the day after camp ends. It is going to be hard to ever imagine a summer without it.
— Erica G.

My experiences at Tyler Hill over the past couple of summers have been amazing and have influenced my life in many ways. Before I went to camp I asked myself if it was really for me and if I would enjoy it; I now know that going to camp was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The chance to impact a camper’s life, the chance to have them impact yours, as well as the great friendships you develop and lessons you learn, make the THC experience something that should not be missed.
— Lauren M.

THC is one of the greatest new families to become a part of. The kids are super and the staff is terrific. My time at Tyler Hill was an experience of a lifetime, and one I will not soon forget. It is a year later, and my friends back home are still hearing all about my time at Tyler Hill and how much I cannot wait to go back again.
— Laura L.

Tyler Hill has been one of the best experiences for me. Being able to teach and help out a group of kids and watch them grow is something that I will always remember. Not only have I been able to help out these kids but they have helped me to grow as a person. I thank Tyler Hill for all the great memories and the amount of trust that they have in me.
— Adam H.

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