Programs and Benefits

The camping experience is invaluable to both campers and staff. Camp is an experience that will stay with you throughout your entire lifetime. It's a place where counselors meet new friends, learn about themselves, determine careers, and in some cases, meet their future husband or wife. The benefits of and feelings about camp will be carried with you forever. Camp is a special place where dreams come alive for campers and counselors alike. Your hopes and dreams and those of your campers can only come to fruition with your efforts, love, energy and enthusiasm.

Pay Scale

College Year Completed Salary Travel Allowance
(see below)
Max Bonus Total Potential Salary
Freshmen $2,250 $250 $600 $3,100
Sophomore $2,250 $250 $600 $3,100
Junior $2,250 $250 $600 $3,100
Senior $2,250 $250 $600 $3,100
Graduates $2,250 $250 $600 $3,100
Group Leaders $2,450 $250 $600 $3,250


At Tyler Hill Camp, we have developed a very comprehensive evaluation and Bonus program. Based on job performance, bunk counselors can earn up to an additional $600 in Bonuses.

Travel Allowance

If you are more than 350 miles away from camp and you are American, you can get up to $250 to help defer your travel expenses. Canadian staff can receive up to $600 to help defer your travel expenses, your work visa and SEVIS fee. Make sure you retain all receipts to submit them to our office once you arrive at camp!

Refer a Friend

We're looking for top quality staff for next season and we'd like our returning staff to help us. For every college student that you recruit, we will pay you a cash bonus of $200 at the end of the summer. The staff member that you recruit must complete the summer in order for you to earn your bonus. Please have your friends apply on-line (and make sure they tell us that you recommended them).

The TLC Family
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Let Us Host Your Next Event

With endless possibilities and beautiful surroundings, Tyler Hill Camp offers a great alternative to your typical conference setting. We have vast experience in hosting private parties, reunions, weekend retreats, corporate picnics and sports camps and we look forward to accommodating your organizations needs and goals.

Inquire About Facility Rentals
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